AHC51416 Diploma of Agribusiness Management

The AHC51416 Diploma of Agribusiness Management is a one-year full-time diploma that will equip graduates for a range of careers in the rural business and technical fields of agriculture.  This diploma is a vocational, nationally accredited award program comprising 10 units of competency as well as applied practical and required theory.

The program is run on campus at UQ Gatton by UQ Skills with assessments submitted online. Download the Diploma of Agribusiness Management program guide (PDF, 1.8 MB)

Program overview

In 2019, the diploma comprises the following vocational units of competency:

  • AHCWHS501 Manage Work Health and Safety Processes
  • AHCBUS401 Administer finance, insurance and legal requirements
  • AHCBUS508 Prepare and Monitor Budgets and Financial Reports
  • AHCAGB501 Develop Climate Risk Management Strategies
  • AHCSOL501 Monitor and Manage Soils for Production Projects
  • AHCAGB505 Develop a Whole Farm Plan
  • AHCNAR506 Develop and Implement Sustainable Land Use Strategies
  • AHCBUS506 Develop and Review a Business Plan
  • AHCWRK501 Plan, Implement and Review a Quality Assurance Program
  • AHCBUS501 Manage Staff.

Find detailed information on each unit of competency on the Australian Government Department of Industry website.

When you have successfully completed the program, which means you have been assessed as 'competent' in the 10 nominated units, you will then be eligible to receive the Diploma of Agribusiness Management (AHC51416) issued through UQ Skills. 

Employment opportunities

This qualification reflects the role of staff working in farms, properties, stations and related rural businesses. Industry expects individuals with this qualification to take personal responsibility and exercise autonomy in undertaking complex work decisions. You must analyse information and exercise judgement to complete a range of required tasks.

Job roles and titles vary across different industry sectors and may include:  

  • farm manager/administrator
  • production unit manager/administrator
  • station/property manager/agribusiness manager/administrator
  • instructor within an agricultural vocational education and training sector.

Graduates from previous years have successfully transitioned towards either industry-related jobs or higher agriculture-related study either at UQ or other universities providing rural related programs. 


To apply, contact UQ Skills. You may apply for entry into the program prior to the start of each of the study trimesters and will undertake the same entry process of application and interview.


Invoices will be issued for students who have not applied for and been approved for VET Student Loans. Download the fee schedule (PDF, 341.8 KB) for the Diploma of Agribusiness Management.

VET Student Loans

The Diploma of Agribusiness Management is a VET Student Loan (PDF, 639.2 KB) approved program.  


VET Student Loans offer income contingent loan support from the Australian Government to eligible students.

All students must also read the Commonwealth Department of Education and Training's VET Student Loans Information Booklet when applying for a VET Student Loan.


Policies and procedures

Policies and programs

UQ Skills policies are all outlined in the 2020 Student HandbookInformation about all our programs can be found in the 2020 Programs Guide.

Unique Student Identifier Information (USI)

All students must provide a Unique Student Identifier before their enrolment can be accepted.

Disclaimer: Details are correct at the time of upload and are subject to change. UQ Skills reserves the right to change programs, subjects or costs or to cancel a program based on consideration of student numbers and resource allocation. Ensure that you understand the program, subjects, associated costs and fee liability prior to signing an enrolment form. RTO #1511

Program details


  • 1st trimester (10 weeks) full time (Monday - Friday)
  • 2nd trimester (13 weeks) full time (Monday - Friday)
  • 3rd trimester (10 weeks) full time (Monday - Friday)


You may apply for entry into the program prior to the start of each of the study trimesters and will undertake the same entry process of application and interview.

2019 program

  • 18 February 2019: Orientation
  • 25 February 2019: start of Trimester 1
  • 20 May 2019: start of Trimester 2
  • 02 September 2019: start of Trimester 3


The University of Queensland Gatton Campus

Delivery mode

Internal, with face-to-face tuition.  Assessment is submitted online. 

Entry requirements

Minimum Year 12, with five sound achievements, including Mathematics, English and a Science subject; or a Certificate III in Agriculture (or equivalent). Exemptions to the above may be considered during the interview process. No OP is required.