If you already possess industry experience and have the required skills and knowledge, you can be assessed through the Recognition of Prior Learning process. You must be able to validate your ability to meet all industry benchmarks as required for each relevant unit.

What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

The RPL process is a methodical and detailed collection of evidence that describes your current knowledge and skill levels. This process can take up to a few months depending on what type of evidence you have available and how quickly you can gather it.

Reasons for applying for RPL

  • Gain an accredited qualification or statement of attainment.
  • Obtain entry or credit into a course.
  • Confirm competence for appointment to a workplace position, licensing or regulatory authority.
  • Receive recognition for your current skills and knowledge.
  • Recognise your skills and knowledge as an employee to retrain into different roles.
  • Complete and attain your qualification in a shorter period of time.

Industry-level competency

Your skills and knowledge may have been gained through work experience, formal and informal training and general life experience. If you wish to have your current skills recognised, you must demonstrate that you are competent in comparison to industry performance standards.

UQ-Skills can issue qualifications or statements of attainment from Certificate Level I to Advanced Diploma through the RPL process.

Qualifications currently available through the RPL process are:

  • ACM30510: Certificate III in Farriery
  • ACM40110: Certificate IV in Animal Control and Regulation
  • ACM40217: Certificate IV in Captive Animals
  • ACM40412: Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing
  • AHC20116: Certificate II in Agriculture
  • AHC20316: Certificate II in Production Horticulture
  • AHC21016: Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management
  • AHC21216: Certificate II in Rural Operations
  • AHC30116: Certificate III in Agriculture
  • AHC30610: Certificate III in Production Horticulture
  • AHC31416: Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management
  • AHC32816: Certificate III in Rural Operations
  • AHC40116: Certificate IV in Agriculture
  • AHC40316: Certificate IV in Production Horticulture
  • AHC40916: Certificate IV in Conservation and Land Management
  • AHC41016: Certificate IV in Agribusiness
  • AHC50116: Diploma of Agriculture
  • AHC50316: Diploma of Production Horticulture
  • AHC51116: Diploma of Conservation and Land Management
  • AHC51416: Diploma of Agribusiness Management
  • AHC60316: Advanced Diploma of Agribusiness Management

Candidates may be required to travel to the Gatton Campus or a centralised location for ‘gap training’.

Gap training (if required), travel, food and accommodation costs are additional costs on top of the RPL assessment fee and are payable by the candidate.

Establish your eligibility: RPL self-assessment

You can access an RPL self-assessment tool to conduct your own RPL evaluation. If you access this tool, please print and send the results of your RPL self-assessment to uqskills@uq.edu.au in order to assist UQ Skills staff with your RPL enquiry.

Policies and programs

UQ Skills policies are all outlined in the 2020 Student HandbookInformation about all our programs can be found in the 2020 Programs Guide.